Enable a private beta?

I’d like to enable a private beta for my application. I have a table of invite codes with names so that I can validate who’s logging in. We don’t want random people signing up during this period.

I’ve tried doing a database lookup during the signup process but that doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas as to how I’d address this need? I’ve not found anything in the forum.

I had the same problem with not being able to disable the signup button on the login screen I was using. I solved by only offering a Login button on my homepage (not separate Login & Sign Up buttons as my template came OOTB) and then keeping an eye on the account signups to see if anyone was getting through anyway. Not an elegant solution, but I got through it. But if you’re generating meaningful traffic to your site, you’ll probably want a more meaningful gate.

What doesn’t work?

Well, it helps to do it correctly. :slight_smile: I figured it out as it seems I had a syntax issue.

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