Enable guest user of a single page to create records

Hello all, little bit of a weird one here any maybe this isn’t possible, but here goes…

I have page within my app that I would like to enable a user to share with someone else (not a user) - just that page. I have done this by creating a copy of the page; setting the page to type “user”; setting the data sources to be “current page user” and then sharing the link to the guest by email.

This all works really well for data that is only going to be viewed… but I want the guest to be able to add info too, and when they add info it (of course) writes to the table with “Created by” as blank, so anything the guest adds doesn’t show in the same list as items created by the sharer. I can’t set the “Created by” value in my workflow, so any other ideas how to achieve this?

Could you instead create a data type for this specifically?

Like “shared folder” which contains a list of the data you want there. So the user can share a link to the page, have the page type as shared folder, then when the guests writes data it goes into the shared folder?

Thanks Oliver! What I ended up doing was adding a new field to the relevant tables called “guest user of” and putting the email address of the page owner in there. Then I updated the repeating group so it included data for the “current user” and data for “guest user”, which worked

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