Enable per-page control over whether a page can be iframed to create widgets

It’s sometimes desirable to allow a specific page or pages within an app to be iframed, but Bubble currently has only a site-wide setting via the X-Frame-Options header (under Settings → General).

It would be really handy if this could be specified on a page-by-page basis in order to keep the risk profile to a minimum.

A Suitcase for this is creating widget for your app, you can load a minimized version of your app on your client website within an iframe.

It could be under the app settings > General: Allow to render the app in a frame/iframe (X-Frame-Options):


If “allow per page” is selected, a checkbox will show under the page properties
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You may vote for this feature on the Idea board here:


This would be a great feature. It can be done with external services but it would be much easier with direct support in bubble.

The posted link is not working, the working link is https://bubble.io/ideaboard?idea=1638241696412x102611760354951170

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