Enable “raw body text” for Request Data feature!

Right, thanks for the quick response. Is there some way to save the payload to the database as raw text AND use the payload as JSON data in the workflow? I already use the JSON data but when I tried to save the “raw body text” as an extra step in the workflow, what it saves is blank.
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Huh… so is what you’re showing here a separate webhook? I’m not quite sure what I’m looking at.

If the endpoint is set up as text you should be able to store that. And then, to parse that into JSON, you could use the API connector.

There’s a video I link to further up this thread where I talk about taking raw response data from something, storing it (in browser storage in this case, but could also be saved to the db) and then reconstituting it via the API connector that might be helpful conceptually?

Sorry for the confusion. To avoid hijacking this thread further I’ve made my own thread here

Check many of the posts above and make sure you have “Include errors in response and allow workflow actions to continue”, it seems to not populate unless those are checked!

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Hello Guys, I hope you are all doing great. This community has helped me a lot and I wanted to give back by sharing my solution. Which has perfectly worked for me and I think it will work in most cases.

What you can do to extract only specific raw data from an API call is the following:


Get all the raw body text of the API and then use Extract with regex using this regex pattern:


Then add to the sides the words sentences or symbols that sorround the object raw text.

Example for this sentence:
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt

I only want to extract the raw data between (sit amet and elit,)

What pattern I use in Regex:

sit amet(.*)elit,

In this way I get the exact raw twxt in the raw body text. Meaning I get the expecific raw body text I want.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Hey there! I’m facing this same problem trying to generate this signature with the lowercase hex digits. Did you find a solution?
Please let me know, thanks!

Unfortunately no :confused:

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Bug is still open.

I’ve opened a ticket.

I was having a blank raw body text.
After adding “Content-Type” header, I get the expected data.

Hi Bubblers, Anyone knows if bubble fixed this Bug already?
or is there anyway to get subset raw data?

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