Enabling admin users to change other users data

I want to create an app for my company where an admin HR user is enabled to change other users (employees) data based changes in their employment.

Currently I only found the opportunity to enable user changing their own data, for some aspects this is not practical e.g. when people become a salary raise and this needs to be implemented in Payroll.

How can I set this up so admin user can change other user data?

Thanks for your support.

If user’s role is admin, show a button on a repeating group of users that when clicked shows a popup that can be used to edit the user.

Additionally, if you haven’t already, set up user roles as an option set. Then on the user data type add a field linking to that option set. You can set the default to Standard User or whatever you want to call a user who isn’t an admin. Then you can create a separate signup flow for admins or to keep it even more secure make someone an admin directly from the database and make it so that only admins can add other admins.


that sounds like a solution which could work. So I have an Option set with the roles. Its three different roles Admin, Manager & Employee.

I have created a repeating group which shows respective employee data and a button which is only visible to the User Admin .

Now I am struggling with the popup. So when the button is clicked the popup shows. Now what I am not managing is that the data of the specific user is loaded into the popup and that I as admin user can edit it. How do I set up the popup properly so this is possible?

thanks for your support.

You’re over complicating it.

Just create a popup of type User with inputs for each field on the user (e.g name, DoB, country, whatever you want) and set the initial content of each field to Popup’s user.

Add a save button to the popup that makes changes to Popup’s user using the popup’s inputs.

When the RG button is clicked, display current cell/parent group’s user in popup, and show popup.

yes, I found the solution on it. Thanks for you support, that was very helpful.

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