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End Point Condition Messages - NOT MET

Hello @emmanuel

I am nearing the end of my development for a WEB Service API Subscription Website, but wanted your help/feed back on the possibility of returning a custom response to the user if the “and when” condition of the END point API is not met.

It will greatly improve user interaction and debugging than just a regular message, some thing like error handling. For example instead of the default message i can return “Message: Please check subscription limit and that your using the right APP Key”

Also (I know this may be a bit harder) but i can i return a 4xx status instead of the 200 for condition not met? This will also improve server side interaction when users use an API END Point. After all if the condition is not met its not really a success.


We’ll have a look (it already returns a 400 if the condition is not met, make sure the check box ‘return 200’ is not checked).

It would be great with a custom response.