End user having the ability to send outbound email using their domain

Hi everyone,

I’ve been looking into how to get this particular problem resolved for a little while. Is it possible for the end-user (i.e my customer) to send outbound emails as their domain? I can already send outbound emails using my own domain, but the type of customer I’d be onboarding categorically will not accept this (as I’m in sales, so sending as another domain just looks bad to a prospect).

Is this functionality possible? I was looking at PostMark but currently using SendGrid.

Mailgun is the best option I’ve found. Save their API keys they provide to connect their mailgun account.

Thanks Chris,

I’ve had a quick glean of the information on their landing page. Am I correct in assuming that by the end-user needing to provide their API key, they’d need to pay for their own plan?

Ideally, I’d like to remove the need for the end user needing to create accounts and paying subscriptions with third-party services.

I appreciate your quick and helpful response though!

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