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Endless Repeating group

Having in this case 6 testimonials, displayed in a repeating group.

Scrolling is horizontal, and when “scroller” reaches the end of the list, scroll stops.

How we can make the list as a loop, i.e. so there is no end of the list, rather it returns to the beginning?

Not sure if you can accomplish this with a scrollbar.

However you can do this using the workflow “repeating group show next/previous…” and then you can check the “wrap…” field.


Well that is the great solution!

Coming right from there, we now don’t have any buttons to show next or previous item, rather only number(s).

Pure scroll

It is not big deal here, it works just fine as it is, perhaps we can add a toast or other type indication that when user “scrolls” to the end of the list?

Or is there any other solution UX-wise?

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