Ensure API Connector call has been executed

I am using the API Connector Plugin to trigger a Make.com webhook.
The webhook performs some state changes in other systems and then returns an empty response. I want to make sure that the next action in the workflow is only executed after the webhook call has finished.

Since the webhook response does not return any data, I created an Only when condition in the subsequent step which is always true (“result from Make step’s length is > 0 or <0”).
Is there a more elegant way to achieve this?

Normally, Make send a basic response (but you can customize it). What I believe is your issue problably related to the next step that I guess is schedule API WF on a list?

Thanks for your response; the issue appears regardless of the type of the next step. I found a workaround by now and updated my question and title accordingly.

If you need a specific response from make, add a step at the end of your scenario to return a response.

Also, custom event should be used for that if you need to wait the webhook before triggering the next step.

I do not need a specific response, the empty response (see my post) is sufficient. I only need a more elegant way to detect the end of the execution.
Could you share how to use a Custom Event in my case? Should I wrap the API call in a Custom Event? I only know that they are useful for controlling when actions are triggered, but I couldn’t find information on how to use them to wait for a response.

Yes, Custom events can help controlling order of operations (Actions - Bubble Docs). However, if you also need that scenario in make is completed before, you should add a response in make at the end and not let make send the basic response (that is sent as soon as you trigger the scenario if the request match the expected payload).

Thanks; I’m already explicitly sending the empty response in my Make.com scenario. I will go ahead and replace my workaround with a Custom Event.

I find it a bit surprising that Bubble doesn’t allow for using something like “Only when: Result 2’s API call is finished” as a condition and requires a Custom Event to achieve this effect. As far as I understand, I would need to replace the Custom Event with a “Only when” condition as soon as I would actually need to reference result data from a previous step.

If you use previous step in condition or in fields/filters, it should wait for it to be completed. (Except for search filter)

I tried using a Custom Event which contains only a single “Schedule API workflow” action scheduled for a past point in time. Now my frontend workflow looks as following:

  1. Show loading spinner
  2. Run API call
  3. Trigger custom event
  4. Hide loading spinner

When step 3 is present, step 4 is not executed. This is also the case if I move step 3 to the end of the workflow.
@Jici Would you have an idea what could be the issue here?

Update: The issue was that “Schedule API workflow” would never execute or at least never finish, possibly due to the amount of data and complexity of filtering logic. After simplifying the filtering logic; everything works as expected.

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