Enter variables then have them display in 1 vs 1


Im trying to build an MVP of an idea but am having some trouble making the database.

I need the following to happen.

Step1: User enters a problem they want to solve (simple text) Press Enter, user goes to enter_variables page.

Step 2: Problem entered from previous step is displayed at top of page (done)
They then enter options for the solution to the problem. This needs to be a potential unlimited number of entries, but always greater than 2. It would be good if each solution entered had 3 subfields consisting of a text input and assign a numerical dropdown between 1-10. i.e Price 10, Speed 3, Ease of use 7.

Step 3: once all options are entered, you then press Solve.
This takes you to a new page, where your options are displayed in a A vs B type selector. You go through and the program displays all of your options against each other and you vote which you like until all possible options combinations are exhausted.

Step 4. It will then provide a summary of your choices. Which option you chose the most and its scores.

Any help would be appreciated on how to achieve the above would be greatly appreciated.


Heres what I have so far

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