Entire App Breaks on Ipad Air 2

Hey everyone, my entire app design breaks on Ipad Air 2, the entire layout is changed and is nothing like my app. Most other browsers it works fine, anyone faced this issue?

Hey @omer3012345 :wave:

Maybe you can show a screenshot of your iPad screen?

Most likely you need to adjust the responsiveness of your app to accommodate any screen size. Or at least as much as possible. Have you used the responsive tab to change the screen size to see at what size it starts to look bad?

You probably have some minimum widths that are too large or something that is fixed width.

Hope that helps a bit. :blush:

I think its most likely due the ipad air 2 being a very old device, newer ipads don’t seem to have the issue. In the responsive editor, everything seems to be fine and nothing seems to be breaking.

That’s possible. It was also a smaller resolution back then too.