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Equipment Booking Table-Based Calendar

I’m trying to build a booking calendar to replace our existing equipment booking spreadsheet. See ‘sample’ of the spreadsheet below. Essentially trucks are in a row on the left and each day is a column. I have the calendar plugin running and that works for a limited number of trucks but isn’t practical when there’s a large number of bookings. We need to be able to see all trucks at once to see when each unit is booked out.

This will likely also be used in the future for staff scheduling.

I’ve been struggling with this all week. If anyone has any suggestions it would be much appreciated!

So basically the Truck is the resource that needs to be reserved correct?

My calendar plugin is intended for this exact use case! Wanna jump into DMs and I can set you up with a trial to make sure I’m not exaggerating.


That seems like it could work! I (embarrassingly) cannot figure out how to send a private message but I’d definitely be interested in a trial to see if I can have the list of trucks down the left column and the dates on the top. With 50+ trucks it’s just more feasible.

Just click on his username and the popup that displays his profile info should have a blue message icon in the top right!

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