Equivalent of Toolbox?

Hello everyone…

Does anyone know an equivalent plugin like Toolbox?
Because this one gives me an error on Page load

I’m doing a math expression 100*filename: count/number


First question is why do you use toolbox for that? According to your screenshot, the problem is not the plugin but the data available.
Equivalent to toolbox is to create your plugin.

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haha, nice answer…

maybe it’s my data the problem… I have no idea…
At the end of the line, it says it’s a bug… maybe I’m not understanding it well…

In the first line, it says also expected a number and got a number… it looks a little absurd…



Because I want to perform math operation and I don’t know how to without this plugin

Yes, but if you look at the data, it say null. So there’s a dynamic value that doesn’t populate an JS cannot do a math on a null value. Honestly, i’ve never seen a bug with toolbox and in all case, the error come from a wrong script or plugin not used correctly.

But again, I don’t see in your formula something that cannot be done with “vanilla” Bubble calc.

You can also use debug mode to see what toolbox see and debug the data.

I’m using Progress Bar to calculate the uploading in percentage.

So I put this in Toolbox


Maybe you are right because when the page is loaded it is empty unless someone uploads a file

So how I do this with Bubble without plugin?

I tried with arbitrary text… it doesn’t work

(Fileuploaded count/total.number of file)*100

Not really different from what you have in toolbox

I have no idea why… but it doesn’t work. What toolbox does…
How can I remove the error?

Thanks again

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