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Erasing related data

Hi everyone!

I’m new and I have a problem.

I have a category name in one database and subcategories in another. Subcategories have a category name field and are thus related.

When the user clicks the category delete icon on the repeating group, I want the subcategories to be deleted with the category as well. There is no problem with deleting the categories, but I don’t know how to delete the related subcategories. Use to search for? How to search for those records in subcategories that have a category entered in the field?

Subcategory 1
Subcategory 2

First, make sure your subcategories have a field called something like Parent Category and make it’s type a Category. This will tie the subcategory to the category automatically. This will make it much easier to remove all sub categories

Then you can just setup a workflow like this

UI delete

Thank you,
I was missing the first item element!

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You’re welcome!