✒️Ernestly : Short-form blogging platform for startups

Hi all :wave:

I’ve just launched Ernestly on Product Hunt and would love to hear any feedback you might have.


Ernestly is a plain-text, short-form publishing platform for startups with post lengths of no more than 1200 characters.

The concept is inspired by TL;DRs. Short posts that are easy to digest but give you all the essential information. It also inspires more frequent writing while forcing you to be succinct. Posts are added to your profile, creating a log of your startup journey.

There are no images or hyperlinks to keep it focused on the words and to avoid spam. A single “source” link can be added per post for additional context.

There are no comments/likes etc. but every post has a quick-tweet button to allow the conversation to continue on Twitter.

It’s privacy first. So there are no ads and no tracking cookies used at all. And every publisher fully owns their content so that I can’t use your content for advertising.

Ernestly will charge a small yearly fee to publishers, but free for readers. It’s fully built with Bubble as part of my 24 Hour Startups project with nocodefounders.com

Would love to hear your thoughts!


I dont think this solves any real problem to make it worth paying for, also very easy to copy.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve changed the pricing to free :+1:

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Looks good. I’ll upvote for you. How did you get the Hunter to put the product up for you?

Thanks! You can ask Chris to hunt your product. If he likes the look of it, he’ll schedule you in and then you can buy him a coffee to say thanks https://chrismessina.me/hunt-me

Is there an aspect of this that is supposed to help with SEO? Or, is it really just meant to be a kind of journal of the startups life to help users get to know the company?

If it is SEO I believe now that google is looking for content that is lengthier, like 2500 words.