Error code mistake? INVALID LATLONG missing underscore?

I think there’s a mistake in the error codes for LATLONG… all of the other codes have an underscore in them, but this one does not. Is this correct?

Please advise, thanks!


@emmanuel Can you please take a quick look before this expires? i think it just another typo on the build interface maybe. I don’t use this particular error code yet, so didn’t test it yet to see if the actual error code also breaks the underscore convention… you’ll want to check that too.

If this is important to you, just file an ACTUAL bug report with Bubble:

Hi Keith, Thanks for your note.

I’m not sure what the value of this specific issue to me specifically has to do with it. I was just trying to help because I noticed it and can imagine it causing problems for others. I want the platform to succeed so i documented it. I hope you concur that is something we want the community to take the time to point out even if they can personally get around or avoid it.

More importantly, I’m not sure it’s technically a bug (unclear if the functionality is broken) which is why I used the forum. How do you decide when a forum bug post or bug report is appropriate? If this doesn’t qualify to be ‘forum appropriate’, what might and how do you determine that more generally? I looked at the bug report and it doesn’t seem appropriate for a ‘typo’. Do you feel otherwise? Thanks for taking the time to help all gain alignment on this.

My point is that I doubt anyone’s going to respond here. I’m not entirely certain what you’re going on about as your post is somewhat vague and provides no steps to reproduce. It sounds vaguely interesting, but if this is referring to a Bubble console message, nobody but the Bubble team can address that.

The Bubble bug report form can be used to report suspected bugs, but it can also be used to simply inform the Bubble team (in an official and most-importantly trackable way) about enhancement suggestions, etc.

Internally, Bubble uses formal “bug reports” as a way to track time spent on various issues. So definitely feel free to use that mechanism to submit requests-for-enhancement, etc. There’s little harm in doing that.

It’s also possible that what you’re talking about is, for example, coming straight from a Google API error message, but again, the original post doesn’t really tell us what you’re asking about. The lack of the response from the community in part indicates that nobody is instantly familiar with what you’re asking about and so has nothing to add.

There are folks here who will take the time to play around with something like this and provide feedback if the question gives some context or steps-to-reproduce. As it is, I suspect that (like me) nobody else understands what you’re asking about.

Hope this helps!

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OK thanks. I think there is one clear advantage to the forum though… beyond asking for user’s help… it lets other users search for the issue. Are formal bug reports searchable? A submitted bug may never be reported to the user-base, correct? If the topic was specific to my app, i think that would make sense, but this one is clearly not so I think the forum remains the most appropriate way to bring it to light (or perhaps doing both, but if that’s the case, then that’s probably true for all forum bug topics).

As for the specific issue, it’s really super simple (almost trivial). On the editor, click on settings -> languages -> look at the pre-defined/un-editable error codes going down the left… all have underscores (for spaces) except the one i pointed out. Easy for someone to screw up if they tried to use this one b/c it breaks convention. I noticed it as I was working on custom error messaging for my own app.

I acknowledge only the Bubble team can fix it, but all may wish be to be aware of it while the condition exists.

Anyway, not a huge deal at all so I’ll just move on. Thanks again for your replies!

OK, well now we’re getting somewhere. Now folks can see what you’re asking about. It’s this:

I have no idea if the fact that that’s rendered as “INVALID LATLNG” rather than “INVALID_LATLNG” is intentional or not (and why that should be). It’s worth pointing out/asking about as a bug report I suppose.

I don’t think it breaks anything either way, does it? (Very good editorial eye, though.)

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