Error creating the visual element text? ..." Error creating your new element.."?

Hi! I encountered a wierd error… has anyone of you seen this before when trying to add a new text element? I can create and copy other elements, but text just keep giving me this error? I have copied some groups (with different elements including text) from my other bubble app, and suddenly this happend…

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I´m getting the same error since today, but only on a specific page. @endrefyl have you found a solution to this?

Hi, @gindele91! Yes - the problem is that your text-element (in some random way) have lost its actual text in the element tree. So if you check all your text-element in the respective group/page, you will probably find it, but not with all its information (i.e. text). Delete all off those, and you will be able to add new ones again :slight_smile:

This occured when i copied some elements from another page.

Br, Endre

Thanks Endre - i deleted the plugin for stripe earlier and a group was referencing it, therefore the group had at type of content “missing…”. When i delete this group everything works fine as usual :grinning:

Thanks again for your quick reply and all the best,

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