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Error Deploying to Live

I’m getting a error trying to deploy my app to live.

I deployed my app previously to live a couple of times, but had to make a couple of changes, now I cant deploy it to live anymore because I’m getting this error message.

I’ve tried it a couple of times on different browsers, same error message.

The app also works really slow when I hit the order button, previously it didnt had this problem.

Oh wait, now it did work and didn’t display the error, it got succesfully deployed to live.

It is still very buggy and slow, every time I place a order it breaks my browser.

Any idea on how to fix this?

I made a couple of changes in my workflow but nothing significant, I just took away a lot of text’s in my sending text messages workflow.

Yeah we’re working on some slowliness right now, should fix that within a few hours.

Sorry about that.