Error Log Notifications?

Is there anyway to track error notifications? Especially of specific kinds?

For example, we seem to be getting the occasional payment error but are having a hard time identifying what exactly is only causing it to happen sometimes. We also want to help customers who receive this error.

Any ideas?

Use the dB to create errors when they can be detected. Example: When Stripe signals back a payment error … create an error with the needed metadata in the dB and a subsequent notification of some sort (a complementary notification system, an automatic email, listing errors front and center somewhere in an admin page created for the app, etc)

How do I detect that an error occurred is perhaps a better question. How do you do that? I could add it into the workflow if there were a way to reference it.

Well that depends … in the case of Stripe they send a webhook on errors so there is your trigger.

In other situations I guess I would look for the outcome or some validation of it happening normally … if not then create a notification.

On user interactions with the UI, Bubble has an event called “an unhandled error occurs” … so this is another way.

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I found that I can reference a failure code so I am checking if it is empty or not. That should work. Good idea!

Great stuff! :+1: