Error Message Related to Database

I’m looking in the settings to see if Bubble has a default message for when inputs fail to be added to the database, whether it’s a server issue or connectivity issue or some other technical issue. I don’t seem to see one.

I thought about creating an alert for this, but isn’t an alert for user-induced errors so that the user can do something about it? If user input fail to enter the database and it is not because of workflow, shouldn’t there be some other message referencing some technical issue?

Thank you.

If I’m not mistaken, you can check logs for this.

Some people also attach certain notifications like email in between long workflows so that they could be notified whenever something goes wrong.

Doesn’t exist. Potentially you could create something external as an ‘audit trail’ via API and then compare values.

That said, I haven’t come across situations where bubble fails to do an insert.

Sometimes it will fail to add a row to a list however.