Error message while creating a page from a clone

I was trying to make a clone of a page on my app but when I try to create it I keep getting a message that says " This site says… Sorry, we ran into an unexpected error trying to save your last change. Try refreshing the page…" I did refresh the page 5 times and it will won’t work. Is it just me or is anyone else getting that same error?

I think it was just a temporary bug. Should be fine now @wths?

Same problem here

Same problem here!! What to do??

Same problem here .

I was thinking, could this be a version problem, when we revert to the previous version we would be able to clone a page again?

In my case it’s only one page I cannot clone…

[EDIT] I am to scared to test that one out though…haha maybe it will #&@%# my project up… :sweat_smile:

[EDIT] Ok, I just copied my entire project and reverted to version 6. Problem is still there… :thinking:

Happening all over it seems.

I also send a bug report with screens just an half hour ago…now just wait and see…and hope!

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