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Error on Slideshow's Current Slide


When I change the list of items to show in a slideshow, the first slide shows the right image but indexes to the last item of the previous list.

Thank you

Can you share a link to the editor?

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Sorry, but I am not able to share it. But simply consider that when you send a new list of items to the slideshow, the first one stick to the last showed with the previous list.

A screenshot at least of what’s happening and/or element settings?

in image 1 there are the details of a text that should take the Name of the Slideshow’s Current slide. But it is taking the last slide showed in the previous list of the same slideshow

in fact in the image 2 the list shows that the current slide of the Slideshow is another

the strange fact is that if you slide the images, it will adjust. The problem seems to appear just on the first item when loading a new list for the Slideshow

If you can’t share a link to your app, I’d recommend trying to recreate the situation in the forumapp on a new page for the community to test. Or if you think it’s a bug, to file a bug report here:

Forum App:

Sincerly, I don’t know if it is a bug or if I have done somenthing wrong. Here is the link, try to choose the first option and then change to the seconde. You will see that the current slide doesn’t change even if the image and the list of the slideshow change

Right, it is tricky to tell, but I do think this is a bug. I would include the forum example you made in your report and say that the elements within Group AVslideshow do not display the current slide of the Slideshow when the Slideshow’s search constraint is changed (depending upon the custom state ‘type’). The elements within Group AVslideshow will only update once the second slide in the Slideshow is displayed. (As you said :slight_smile: )

If it is something that can’t be changed, one workaround would be to have two different slideshow elements and two different groups which are shown/hidden depending on your type custom state, but I know it’s cleaner with your method of using just one of course.


Was this issue ever resolve? I am having the same problem when I filter a repeating group with a slide. Kindly advise.