Error when registering for a subscription plan

Hi, I’m trying to create a workflow that would register someone to a subscription plan after selecting it from a landing page. When someone clicks on the Order button, he will be redirected to the 2nd page where he fills out the form that’s also used for creating his account. However, after completing the form and clicked on the Order Complete button, I got this error message: My question is: why would bubble requires someone to be logged in first when it was his first time to select a plan and create his account?

Using the Bubble stripe plugin reduces the ways you can integrate with Stripe. Integrating with Stripe directly through the API will let you get the exact functionality you want, which in this case for a person to purchase something before them become a user of your app.

I do not know about the stripe plugin specifically as I do not use it, but there may be a check box somewhere to make it so you can have somebody pay before they are a user, but most likely not because Bubble stripe plugin saves all data onto the user somehow, but we can never see those values in the database, so Bubble likely made it so the user must be created in your app before they can pay.