Error when uploading row with composite field

I get an error any time I upload a csv with a “composite” column that uses a custom datatype.

For process-of-elimination purposes, I’m uploading a single row. Name (datatype of text) and State (custom datatype of State)

and mapping it as follows:

The State dbview already has a row with an abbreviation TX:

I get the following error:

The following entries could not be uploaded [{“row”:{“error_message”:{“args”:{“waiting_on”:“waiting on [KeySet(1): Key Upload CSV composite call for custom.state_abbreviation_text_TX ]”,“fn_source”:“function (){var t;if(e.length>0&&!i){t=u(e[r],r);if(t.error_message){i=r}return t}}”}}},“message”:“LocationService: Error requesting upload_thing”}]

I’ve tried this with numerous datatypes and CSVs and the result is always the same. As soon as I get rid of the composite column, however, the data uploads just fine.