Error when using Drag & Drop Repeating Group with Option Set

I recently purchased the Drag & Drop Repeating Group plugin from @minimumstudio and have some troubles using it with a repating group that has an option set as a data type.

After first time dragging a cell an error appears saying:
Bug in custom code TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘split’)
at Bt.onEnd (PLUGIN_1671931039487x948734435613999100/Drag—Drop-Repeating-Group-update–Drag—Drop-.js:18:27)
at W (
at U (
at Bt._onDrop (
at Bt.handleEvent (
at root (PLUGIN_1671931039487x948734435613999100/Drag—Drop-Repeating-Group-update–Drag—Drop-.js:18:27)

Any idea how to solve this?