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Error with Repeating Group Data Source

Hi guys! I’m pretty new to Bubble, but I’m trying to build a web app to manage the production of podcast episodes for my podcast production company. I need to be able to display all of the episodes that an editor is assigned to in their dashboard. I’m setting up a repeating group for the dashboard and I’m using the data source as episodes that are “created by” users who have the editor field = the current user. However, it seems like I’m running into an error when I try to use that logic. It wants me to keep completing the logic. Any pointers?

This is what you’d see if you click into “Search for User”

This is what you see when you try to proceed without completing the command.

In the red portion “search for User’s” click more and then select :first item

The idea of doing a search is that Bubble is expecting that there is possibly numerous results (ie: a list of things) and even though we as the developer know that the constraints we place onto that search would yield only a single result, Bubble has no way of knowing that or not, so it is essential to let Bubble know we only want the first item retrieved from the search if there are multiple or even a single value returned by it.

Very often you’d use the :first item to finish a dynamic expression for a search if you are as the developer constructing a search expected to yield a single result.

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Hi @boston85719 ! Thanks for your response. I’ve already tried ending the expression with :first item. Unfortunately, that doesn’t accomplish what I’m trying to do. That will only show the editor (current user) one client’s episodes. I need it to display all of the episodes that are created by clients who have the editor (current user) assigned to them. Does this make sense?

Okay, I thought you were just having issues getting the red dynamic expression to turn blue and be accepted…sounds like it is more of which how to set up the search.

You would need to search for Episodes as you are and make sure you have in your database on the Episode data type a data field that you might label ‘editor’ and make it of type ‘User’.

Then you can have a search that would be 'Search for Episodes with a constraint “editor=current user”