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Escape 2.0 (Relaunch)

Hey all,

I have decided to relaunch Escape with a new purpose. (to validate my idea).

When I first launched Escape (a few weeks back), I did so with the intention of allowing anybody and everybody access to my app. What I wanted, was to hear people say ‘cool idea/app’.

But, as the days have passed, I have come to my senses, ‘Hey Eduardo’ having a cool app won’t pay my bills one day or validate that my idea is really solving someone’s problem.

That’s why I decided to relaunch Escape but this time with a subscription model. Where members pay a small monthly fee for access to my service.

My intentions with this tactic is if people are willing to give me their hard earned money for what I’m offering then i will consider it a key form of validation.

Even though most of you aren’t my target market. I would still love to hear what you guys think of Escape.

PS: for those of you who read this far,here is a site that i think some of you will find inspirational in your path to building your business.

I thank you for stoping by, Eduardo.