Escaping the serial processing

Hi Everybody,

ANybody experience with placing a ‘scheduled API’ call a few seconds in the future in the hope of shortening your processing time?
Why? In my app, when the user hits the button one of the first actions is a call to Google sheets with input from the user. It takes Sheets a few seconds to process it. Then there are a few actions within Bubble that need to be executed, finally finished by Calling Google Sheets for the output and then representing the output to the customer.
This is sequential and takes about 15 seconds.
Within bubble you can also schedule an API call in the future with a few seconds:

I thought that might save me a few seconds ( schedule APi, continue with the other steps while a few seconds later in the background the input into Google sheets is done)…that sequence does not appear to be working however ( it just seems to wait a few seconds longer before executing the Scheduled API.

Any experience on this how to achieve this cool parallel computing thingy :)?