Escrow service plugin? or solution?


I’m building a marketplace that would require some sort of payment-holding and releasing system. e.g. Buyer pays for an item. Money is held. Once the seller delivers the item and provides a tracking number, the money is successfully released to the seller.

Any ideas? Thanks for any help

Look more into stripe payment, you can achieve that using stripe. If the holding is within a 7 days period, you can just “authorise a charge” and then later capture it when all conditions have been met. Other another way can be to even completely move the money to your stripe account and when the criteria have been met you pay the seller. I am not a guru when it comes to stripe process but I am sure if you read through the stripe/bubble docs you will get what works for you. Here is a good starter documentation:

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Thanks I appreciate that! Didn’t know about “authorise a charge” functionality with Stripe. Will have a good look at the documentation

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