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Evaluation starter questions

Friends - I am evaluating if I can develop my app on Bubble. Can someone answer my queries:

  1. Can I build an app that can have interactive dynamic assessments (questions change based on prior answers), wizard-style guidance, continuing from a previous step on different logins?
  2. Does bubble generate Progressive Web Apps?
  3. How easy is it to transform/convert a bubble app to native mobile app?
  4. Can I take the production app binaries and run on any infra cloud i want or do I need to be wedded to bubble platform for running my scalable app?

Hi there, @saiksagar… in short…

  1. Yes.
  2. Yes, you can create a Progressive Web App with Bubble.
  3. There are a number of wrappers and guides on how to use them.
  4. You are wedded to the Bubble platform.