Event has 15+ actions with DB and workflow breaks

Hi, my Event’s workflow looks like:

When I Sign Up, some actions are not completed.

How can I solve this problem?
Is this a use case to use “Schedule API workflow”?

Hey @vovahumnytskiy

It would definitely be better to use an API workflow for such a long workflow as it will be faster for the user - however it shouldn’t break. Have you checked for errors in your workflow actions?


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Hi, @ambroisedlg! Extremely appreciate your help!

I’ve tried to use the Bubble’s debugger, but it seems that it is not for workflows. I guess there is something like you said called “workflow actions”, I want to find it and check.

Then, If I fail it would be really great if we can have a call. I would write you after several hours.

I’ve tried to replicate the bug several times, but it does not break anymore.

I haven’t changed anything and I am confident that it broke earlier.ubb
@Bubble is it a bug?

Try looking in your logs to see if an error was thrown when it broken. Or try to break it and watch your console.

I’d highly recommend a scheduled workflow, that’ll also give a better user experience.

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Hello @vovahumnytskiy! Please do submit a bug report with reproducible steps so that our team can investigate this issue.

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The problem is that I can’t replicate bugs by myself. But I am confident that it appears in sometimes.