Events and custom events do not open

Hi Bubble Ladies and Gents!

I am experiencing a weird bug where events and custom events do not open

I submitted a bug report just now but am wondering if anyone else experiences this problem?

No problems with RAM or cache at all btw …

Professional plan with 2 collaborators and still not working … (there is a popup indicating that I should remove collaborators that does not apply in this case … I removed an agency collaborator that had access to the app … but still I get the popup and no access to work on the workflow tab)


One tab of the editor works (after numerous attempts) but if I open beyond one things do not work on the other tabs …

… After I opened the tabs from my list of apps instead of duplicating them using Chrome’s functionality I was able to make this work … (not sure if it was me … :sweat_smile:)

Let’s hope no more surprises come about … :+1:

Try refresh you page, this happens sometime.

Yeap … but it was not this case (did two PC restarts, cache clearing, diff browser sessions and about 30+ browser tab/s refreshes over about half an hour of attempting a fix) :sweat_smile:

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Wow , then you should contact them

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Yep… this has been getting worse and worse over the last few weeks.

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