Events and SMS - Quick Job - Next Week?

Hey Forum,

I want to set up calls that happen weekly. These calls are free. Once someone registers into one, they get registered into everyone going forward. I didn’t want to set up a data type for each event, but then I thought, “what if I need to cancel one?” I want to be able to create more than one event, but I will do that in bubble and I will not need an admin page.

Here are the requirements:

  • Page where someone registers. It asks for their full name and phone number (using the phone input element.) Once they register, an alert shows confirming registration.
  • A recurring event gets created where the Twilio plugin sends out an SMS 1 day and 1 hour before the event to remind them of its time.
  • The first SMS will tell them the event is in 24 hours. The second SMS will say the event is in about 1 hour.
  • I want them to be able to remove their registration also. I want it to be done by searching for a phone number, and then it removes them and shows them an alert. This is best with a small link under the form.
  • This will not be done using the ‘Users’ data type but just two different and new data types. Events and Users
  • I want the page to be VERY basic and only show a few things. 1. Event Name 2. Event description. 3. Phone Number Element 4. Register button. 5. An unregister link that opens a popup.

My app makes use of time zones for other elements, so if you are able to add that into this, that would be great. If not, the vague “in one hour” or “in 24 hours” is fine.

Let me know if anyone would be interested in this? Also, how long would this take?

All the best,

Hey Ben,

It’s doable. Please send me a private message, we can schedule a call.

I`m developer ,I will be happy to work with you.I can do your project.I have experience with Twilio Plugin and make SMS for your job.
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