Everyday app replica

Hi everybody :raised_hand:

i started learning bubble this weekend, went over the tutorials and some forum discussions. I decided i would do a Everyday app replica, but only the main functionality - active day activity, click to submit activity/habit and automatic day switch at midnight.

I started well and managed to do a couple of basic things, but now things start to become harder :slight_smile:

So the basic app logic is:

  • user creates an account
  • adds new habits
  • submits his daily habit activity with a button click
  • next day the new date-slot appears and user has abilibity to submit it again
  • previous days are visible and user activity on those days

The way i structured data is:

  • data type: user (fields: name, habit)
  • data type: habit (fields: name, user, activity done)
  • data type: status (fields: date, habit, indicator, user)
  • i made custom state for button to change color (but its not permanent, but session based)

The main challenges:

  • how to structure data types & fields
  • how to create repeating grid with today’s date
  • how to make users submission permanent (submitted in database) and not session based

My goal is to learn how to make this app and will do a tutorial after i publish it, because i haven’t find any similar tutorials out there.

Will publish my progress here and when i tackle this challenge successfully I’ll make a tutorial on it.

So, how would you tackle this problem and where am i don’t it wrong?