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Ex-wappler users here?

Hi there, due to recent updates, I have seen many bubble users looking for alternatives. One of them is using Wappler where you own your source code.

As I browse through wappler’s forum/community, there is a dedicated category “From bubble to wappler” and you can see many ex-bubblers in their community. (Mostly coming from the last bubble price changes from 2019).

Now I’m thinking, are there any ex-wappler users here that migrate into Bubble?

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I only found out about that tool yesterday because of the ruckus here. And I’m glad I did.
I had just signed up to pay $29 a month, and was getting ready to buy a bunch of BDK plug-ins.
So glad I’m not gonna go down this route, as I am studying wappler videos now.

Great for you. Let me know how was it for you after building your projects there. :slight_smile:

Wappler has its own advantages while bubble has its own advantages too. Both are great I think. But what I’m curious is, if there are wappler users that migrated to Bubble. :thinking:

I started with Bubble, moved to Wappler, then came back to Bubble. I will not repeat the advantages of Wappler and the disadvantages of Bubble. These are well-known.

I went to Wappler because of the ability to own your own code but the learning curve was simply too high for me, and with Bubble I have been able to create complex apps and in a very shot time span which I didn’t think was possible even with no code.

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Thanks for your input. Can I know your background about web app builders? How many months have you tried using Wappler?

I’m actually thinking if Wappler is okay for my use case or not. Currently I’m using Bubble for about 2-3 years now for only one specific app. I actually have fun using bubble and have no plan on looking for alternative, not until the recent price changes announcement. But one thing that’s stopping me is the learning curve of Wappler. I’m a no-code guy but learns easily. Not sure if it’s worth the time looking for alternative.

I guess, it will come down to the next price changes announcement. :smiley:

The reason I moved to Wappler was I intended to build a SaaS product with potentially hundreds of clients signing up and renting their own version of the app on their own subdomain. The nature of the app has an owner having hundreds if not thousands of people using his subdomain app. So if successful, my idea would involve hundreds of users and tens of thousands of their own users (employees). I began to have serious concerns whether Bubble would be able to handle all that data and number of users in one app.

That’s when I moved to Wappler and bought a one year license. I quickly found out ( and was told as much on their forum) that I would need at least a basic understanding of MySQL, html, CSS and that some knowledge of Javascript will come in handy too. Even for their front end editor, I discovered that I needed to become familiar with Bootstrap. I ended up buying courses for each one of these languages on Udemy but never completed them.

I returned to Bubble after I made the decision that instead of creating a SaaS model, I would simply sell versions of the same app (to own). So basically users have their own Bubble account and buy a version of the app from me. Once I made this decision, the amount of progress I have made on Bubble in designing this app has been tremendous.

I was of course also very concerned however with this latest price change announcement, so I am hoping that the number of database lines limitation is never brought up again by Bubble.


I doubt you will find anyone switching from a pretty much unlimited platform, which allows you to build anything to quite a limited platform, which locks you in and owns your code.

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Of course you will. I just mentioned my own example. There is a reason why Bubble is the most popular nocode tool. It is easy and fast.


But didn’t you say you are a person who tried to switch from bubble to wappler but found the learning curve to steep?
I was talking about actual Wappler users, who switched to Bubble :slight_smile: Not Bubble users who tried to make the switch but found it difficult and returned back.

Well yes, if I was able to master Wappler, or coding for that matter, I wouldn’t need Bubble

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i dont think there would be any ex-wappler users change to bubble as users that are using wappler are low code users which should have some experience on coding. And i dont think anyone using wappler would want their whole code to be vendor locked as well.

I know some guys that used both tools at the same time. Bubble for MVPs and Wappler when graduating their apps.

As timed passed they were more productive in Wappler so they just continued there for all their projects including MVPs.

I don’t know of a single proficient Wappler user that has switched back to Bubble. But there could be some out there of course.

If the OP is asking about people who are proficient in Wappler, then there would be no good reason to leave Wappler for Bubble except to create quick MVPs. But if he is asking about entry level users with no code experience who are trying to figure out which tool to go with, I am pretty sure there would be many who have tried Wappler out then found Bubble to be easier and went with it.

Definitely. Bubble has an easier learning curve. Wappler is a different beast altogether.

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Hi @JonL ! Seen you also in the wappler community. Would you mind if I send you a private message for some questions? :smiley:

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Shoot. I am a user in both platforms although only really active in Wappler forums. I was a power user here and active community member a few years ago, but after some changes in Bubble’s vision I dropped my involvement in the community.

Hi there, sorry. I can’t manage to send you a message privately. :sweat_smile: