Exam Generator trouble with relations between tables and decrement between loaded pages

Basically, the goal is to create an exam generator, where you can also take a given exam from a user (student) account. Currently, I have a problem with linking the questions that make the exam (the structure of the database on this procedure is different than, for example, in the sql device, where the model will be sent to you in the attachment). What I’m having trouble with, I’d like it to work on:

  • After adding proof after filling out the form on the “creation” subpage, remember in some way in the form of real session, as well as the number of closed and open questions.

  • When adding questions on the “adding_questions” subpage, when entering an adequate basis for it in the field for the reserved one, and after setting it up with the exam

  • After adding questions, so that the page reloads x number, where x is the number of previously declared closed questions, and then after adding the last closed question, redirection to the subpage with adding open questions (session variable decrement with each added question).

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