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Example tutorials

Thanks so much for this amazing platform !

I’m trying to learn how to use custom states and blockspring plugin.

Are there any demo examples (like the yelp, lost and found, fake twitter etc.) that can help me learn / practice this beyond reference documentation ?

We don’t have that (yet), but we’re working on content, especially for Blockspring (maybe some lessons as well), so we should have something up soon.

However, you can explore a bit how custom states work. Check the element templates section in your app and examine how these elements work (you can use the debugger in run mode). You’ll see the logic behind showing / hiding elements with custom states.

For blockspring, the Gilphy lesson is probably the best proxy, as it’s an API. the only different with blockspring is that you need

  1. to create an account with them
  2. add the key in Bubble
  3. ‘install’ the blocks you want to use in your app in the Plugins Tab
  4. authenticate in for the services that need authentication. For instance, if you want to use the Tweet blocks, you’ll have to sign up with Twitter in blockspring so that you can make calls to Twitter.

We’ll have more soon, but hopefully it’s a start :smile:

Awesome. The custom states advice worked like a charm. Looking forward to a dedicated blockspring example :smile: