"Excel" Data Table Grid Plugin

For Zerocode’s “Excel” Data Table Grid Plugin, the plugin forum thread points to a thread for a different plugin.

Having a hard time with this. I am not able to:

  1. get the table to refresh without reloading the entire page
  2. expand the number of rows to more than 10
  3. click a row and go to a page based on that record
  4. download the data in a csv that shows the list of things records in my object
  5. toggle the search box on/off


I have been banging my head against the wall for way too long on this one. The records in my repeating groups have references objects, lists of references objects, and other stuff. I have tried many all of the plugins, but I can’t get them to work. I am not a newbie, but this is elusive.

Repeating Table Object

Each Evacuee can have:

  1. Name
  2. n special status (list of special status from the special status object)
  3. state (from a state object)
  4. birthdate
  5. etc.

Want to click a button and download the data and references data (not the references ID’s (unique ID), but the actual referenced record names.

Name | Special Statues | State | Birthdate | etc.
John Doe | Athlete, Minority Group, Military Background | Pending | 3/34/1987 | etc.

Name | Special Statues | State | Birthdate | etc.
John Doe | Athlete | Pending | 3/34/1987 | etc.

Name | Special Statues | State | Birthdate | etc.
John Doe | longid23424, longid45322, longid3421 | longid6652 | 3/34/1987 | etc.