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Excel Element v. Repeating Group

I’m running in to a few problems with this repeating group and I’m considering changing it to the Excel element. Before I do, I had a few questions:

-Is the load time on the Excel element any faster than a repeating group? This lags a bit if it is an extensive search
-Does the Excel element copy and paste more “nicely” into an actual spreadsheet than a repeating group?
-Does the export to CSV workflow work on the Excel element?

  • Does the Excel element update dynamically if filtered, etc.?
  • Is there a timeframe on adding full features to the excel element beyond read only?




This should be similar in terms of loading time, as the mechanism is the same there. Except that the Excel element will probably load less items at first, depending on our set up for the rep group (full list is not a good idea…).

Have you tried playing with the Excel element? You’ll see how copy paste works, and how it updates, etc.

We’ll be edit mode as well hopefully in a month, but we can’t commit on this yet.

Thanks. I’ll play around with it.