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Excel like editable spreadsheet

Hi guys, I am having a problem with developing an editable Excel like tables. The functionalities I want are : ability to resize columns and rows, ability to add new rows and columns , ability to resize columns and rows , ability to edit specific columns and rows , ability to delete specific columns etc… I have checked various plugins in bubble and I seem to find none that offers such functionality. Is there another way I can do this in bubble ?

Build it. Can all be done using a repeating group. However, probably not the resizing of columns and rows unless you incorporate some CSS, an dit seems like that is a top priority as it is number 1 and 3 in your list of requirements :wink:

It is possible though to make the columns dynamic in width and to hide some based on hiding rules.

Hi @raykiplimo ! :wave:
Please have a look at Editable Data Table like Excel Plugin for Bubble from Zeroqode, it can be useful for you :slightly_smiling_face:
Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of further questions,

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