Exchanging Bubble Developer for Business Developer (Entrepreneurs)

You’re a solid bubble developer who can quickly help with:

  • Creating an “Add to Calendar” feature for our events
  • Stripe Connect API so some of our Creators can accept donations from our Users. (I have my Stripe API working, just need to finish the Connect feature)

I’m an entrepreneur who spent the last two months learning and building my first app. I’m an experienced business developer with 20 years building brands. Currently I’m the in-house mentor for junior social entrepreneurs at Impact Hub Lisbon; and consulting for C-Level executives at large companies on strengthening company culture; project management; among other things (can read my LinkedIn).

Looking to do a “Skill Swap” - I normally charge 120 euros an hour / Your business idea needs feedback or new strategy? having trouble managing teams, projects, or people? I’ll share a few hours with you and you share a few with me.

Looking forward to helping each other out :metal:


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That sounds interesting @ChefThomas .

Available next week if you want to schedule a quick call.

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Due to time constraints not available atm. I do want to share my two cents.

Your project and the social impact is truly amazing and for any developer looking to jump on, having this project on your portfolio will make a huge difference :innocent:

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Wooow - @nocodeventure - super cool of you to say, very grateful for that :metal:

@stephane - going to send my calendar for you to find a moment that works well for you next week - looking forward to chatting with you!

PEOPLE - keep the messages, ideas & feedback coming :ok_hand:

Might be available if you still are seeking a Bubble Dev …?

thanks! I’m looking for either a cofounder or an exchange of services. If it’s something you’re interested in - let’s chat!