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✨ Exciting new features to the Canvas Base Template (v3.6)

Hi Bubblers,

We just released the latest version of our free Canvas Base Template to the Bubble template store. There are many new features in this update and we’re very excited to share more details with the community below:

New header / footer reusables

  • Built entirely with html to speed up the loading time
  • Create or clone many different headers and show them only to specific user roles
  • Trigger Javascript function from any of the links or icons
  • Visually managed entirely from the Canvas admin portal

Reveal password functionality

  • Users can now choose to show or hide their passwords when entering their passwords in a password input field on the login, account, and reset_pw pages.

Developer mode

  • If you are a Bubble freelancer or agency using the Canvas framework to build apps for clients, then you may want to use this to hide any advanced settings in your app that you don’t want to expose to your client.

Core Canvas element indicators

  • We have added a gear icon (:gear:) before all reusable elements, data types, and field names that are core to the Canvas template. In general, these elements should not be edited unless you understand the impact changes will have on the template.

Multi-language support

  • If you are setting up support for multiple languages in your app, you can now create email variants directly in the admin portal to support those languages.
  • Support for LocalizeJS is now a core function of the Canvas template!

For more information, please read our forum post here.

Canvas team