Exciting Opportunity: Join a Successful Project in Bubble

I hope this message finds you well. I am currently working on an innovative project in Bubble and am seeking talented individuals to join me in bringing this vision to life. Your expertise and skills would be a valuable addition to the team.

I can promise you that this project has great potential for success, and your contributions will play a key role in its realization. Your experience and dedication will be highly valued as we work together to achieve our goals.

If you are interested in being part of this exciting venture and contributing to a project with promising prospects, I would love to discuss further details with you. Your involvement could make a significant impact, and I believe we can accomplish great things together.

Looking forward to the possibility of collaborating with you on this project. Please let me know if you’d like to learn more and potentially join our team.

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All fluff, no details. If you want any chance of finding someone, you need to expand on:

  • what will you pay your developer?
  • what industry is your app?
  • what stage of development is it in?
  • what do you offer that means the developer shouldn’t just take your idea and do it themselves (your post here shows a complete lack of commercial awareness)
  • how are you certain the product will be successful?

Best of luck…


1- about the payment I will discuss this thing with my developer after I found it
2-I didn’t understand your question
3-I mean I do the interfaces of the app I do a lot of things but I still stuck in the API and other things
4-no we will work as partners I just need one developer to do that who knows the programming
5-I’m certain it will be successful up because no one in the entire history of the world came with this idea believe me that you will download my app before you download your other social media Network and just to make it clear it’s not social media app but it is better
6-that’s why I need developer right now and I can promise him that in the future he will be very glad to work with me as a partner



This is generally untrue. People have come up with almost all ideas. You don’t know about them because of one of:

  1. they decided not to do it because they realised it was a bad idea
  2. they did do it and it failed
  3. they did it, it was the right idea, but they weren’t the right person to execute it
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Ideas are plentiful. Planning not so much. Its easy to just say you have everything planned just most of the time that is not entirely true. A plan is to develop an app, fine, once you have the app you are one of thousand if not more of those projects with an app, a website or even a physical shop without any further planning.

Budgets, What to spend and what to expect from your spending is basic in all plans.

Visit your bank and ask what they need to finance your project. That gives you an idea. Should you be without a bank account now is the time to open an account.

1-my idea it’s not bad it can help a lot of people including you I can tell you the idea of my app unless you will be my partner
2-look if you believe on something God will make it work look my idea is very simple and it can help a lot of people believe me so I’m very certainl that it will be successful
3-look I can’t tell you that I am the right person to do this idea but at least I bring the idea and I’m doing my best to make it came to life so I just need help and God May help me also

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thank you I really appreciate your advice but I am very certain that it can be successful and I hope to find partner real partner to help me

Don’t forget 4th category :sweat_smile:
4. they did it → it was the right idea → they were the right person to execute it → they built a unicorn BUT you haven’t bothered to google your original idea…

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You’ll likely have better results if you didn’t try to ChatGPT your recruitment message.

Also to go off @georgecollier, no “idea” is really unique these days, it’s just a matter who puts it into a use-case and markets it first. To gain real traction here in this community you have to be genuine and show actual points of why you’re jumping into this project, and have a solid plan of not only what the business does, but a wireframe of your site, relative competitors (without needing to give away your idea and such), and of course, your own background.

This is all we see when we see you. So, it’ll take a lot of convincing otherwise to get a real notion.

Hello, I really appreciate your advice. About my profile look when my idea came to me. I didn’t go to develop my profile or something I go I search in charge gbt and other things like you say and he told me about no code platform. It’s name bubble. So I go to it and the I spend a lot of time. I mean, I do a lot of work on my app and until now so I am stuck in some things. I need help with because my application it’s really unique. App, you know, and I’m not skilled in in. Developing a website and apps so I need someone. Who knows those things who can help me? And I will risk for it cuz in in my heart I know this idea will help a lot of people and it’s going to be unique one.

Hey! I would love to help - I am an experienced bubble.io developer working out of NYC. Could we maybe schedule a call, I am also very affordable.

Send me your Instagram i will text their

Whatsapp? 917-969-8307… My instagram is my personal account…

Ok go in private chat i need you their

Just went :slight_smile:

I did not find you in WhatsApp can i send you my number you search for me 0559168817

You wish to build a career?
1st a website, then social media, then an app (if needed)
No shortcuts, no company with a name did otherwise.

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CHATGPT: While I appreciate your confidence in others’ creativity, it’s crucial to acknowledge the value of identifying and addressing real problems effectively. ->Bringing solutions to life is where the true impact lies.