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Hi Everyone,

I have an option set for my pages which I’m using to display menus but I can’t seem to find a way to exclude options from the menu, is there something simple I’m missing? I’ve put a couple screenshots below for reference. So basically I dont want to display ‘settings’ or ‘account’ in the Main Menu, and I dont want to display all other items in the settings menu etc

This is my option set

My Repeating group is set to All_Pages (if I change this to ‘Get an Option’ it will only let me select 1) _Pages is the name of my option set


I then have a group in my repeating group (So I can format it as a row to display an icon/text in the menu, repeating group is a column)


And the text element just grabs the name, I have another one the same for the menu icon as well

I’ve tried various combinations of settings in all these boxes but can’t seem to nail it. Just to clarify the menu works perfectly as expected but it obviously shows All options from the set.

I added the Menu attribute to the option set as I figured I could use this to store a list of menu names (Main, Settings) etc. I figured if I have a main menu then I can show any option which contains ‘main’ same for settings etc. I dont want to just create a new option set for each menu due reasons too long to explain here but I’m guessing there must be a simple way to achieve this that I’m just missing?

Please can anyone offer a solution?


Either use a filter…

Or just use :minus item

That was so simple, I was really overthinking this :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help

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