Execute a workflow only when last post was yesterday

hi bubble gang

i need some tips on how to implement a workflow:

here’s my database setup:

-company (has “POINTS” field)
-company post (points to company)

the POINTS field is a number that increments by +1 if the following condition is achieved:

1] user posts a company post AND
2] last company post must be 24+ hours ago

my current workflow is this:

1] create new “company post” thing
2] make changes to “company” thing where the POINTS variable gets incremented by 1 “Only when” “search for company posts:count is 0”

the search logic is this:
–type: company posts
–constraint 1: parent group’s company
–constraint 2: created date <= current datetime +hours: -24

sort by created date
descending yes

are these the correct workflow settings?

Hello @crebspark