Executing x times API Connector event based on list


I am searching for a possibility to run my API Connector event x times based on the list of items. Let’s imagine that I have 3 items and I need to run 3 times the API Connector event.

The API Connector event is taking those parameters:
Name: text
Message: List of text
SendDate: List of text (calculated from two variables “hour” and “minute” and incremented by day every iteration)

Data example (3 items):

  • Name: “test”
  • Message: “testMessage1”, “testMessage2”, “testMessage3”
  • SendDate: “2021-07-09 variableHour:variableMinute:00”, “2021-07-10 variableHour:variableMinute:00”,“2021-07-11 variableHour:variableMinute:00”;

Example of running the API Connector event with those data:

  • API Connector first event run: Name: “test”, Message: “testMessage1”, SendDate: “2021-07-09 10:20:00”
  • API Connector second event: Name: “test”, Message: “testMessage2”, SendDate: “2021-07-10 10:20:00”
  • API Connector third event: Name: “test”, Message: “testMessage3”, SendDate: “2021-07-11 10:20:00”

Anyone could tell me how can I achieve this behavior?

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Or maybe I should write a javascript code to handle this case?
Does anyone have any idea?


Maybe a recursive backend workflow would work

I finally did it using the plugin Simple Looper (workflow repeater).

I have created Message, SendDate, and Iteration (to control the order) states, then every loop I have set values (getting them from the list and using the Iteration state to get the correct item from the list) to these states and used them in the API Connector event.

Thanks for that update…I’ll need to check out the simple looper plugin

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