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I am trying to make an exercise program in Bubble. I have gotten to the point where I have my repeating group of exercises (Name, image, reps/time, sets, rest between sets) e.g. the program and now I need to “start” the program. Ideally a popup/tabs/new page would display each exercise in order and visually countdown the time (if applicable rather than reps) and rest period between sets (also sets left) then move on to the next exercise.

Is this possible? How do I go about achieving this?


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The timer is not to difficult, I am sure that you can find a plug-in that will suit your needs. You are going to need to schedule workflows that then schedule other workflows so you can have the push-up screen going for 30 seconds and then automatically trigger a new group to appear that will show a different work out.

Hope that makes sense! PM me if you need more help.

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Hey @CeCe,

Play around with the “Schedule Custom Event” action in your workflows section. What you can do is have a repeating group with your list of exercises - each exercise also holds the duration value. You can use a custom state to hold which exercise is the active one. Schedule a custom event after “current exercise’s” duration > the custom event changes the current exercise and resets the process. I’m just throwing out some avenues you can explore. But use a repeating group and custom states. They’ll be useful for you here.

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Thank you @ryley.randall and @romanmg for your replies I will go have a tinker with the custom events/states :slight_smile:

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