Expand bubble database without upgrading plan?

I’m trying to expand the bubble database, I know the answer would probably either upgrade bubble plans or buy storage from a third-party source like AWS. There is a problem with this, I am not experienced with databases or API. I just want to expand the storage. So I know I will have to use an API and Third-party but what should I use and do I connect and get it to work.

I also want to be able to input data from the bubble app. Please can someone help me. I have been struggling with this for a while. Help would be appreciated! Any questions, please ask.

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I am assuming that you need increased storage for images and videos. For this, AWS is your best shot.

Zeroqode has a paid plugin and good documentation for the same. S3 has a free tier that you can use to some extent.

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If you use the Box plugin you get another 10GB of free storage.
I’ve just used it in one of my apps and it works quite well.

would mind telling us what are the exact steps because I am new and I really need to expand my storage.

Yes but also I am trying to dave data about the sure so just text data will be most of that. So I would need structured data just like bubble. Unsure if AWS S3 will allow me to have that.

For more context, I want to create an ESPN-like website, where we have set users and sats per user. But I need enough storage to save the save that stats and I need to know how to pull them from the storage and display it to the user on the app.

So if I have hundreds of stats for 60 or so players I won’t limit out??

The plugin will upload the media to your Amazon S3 bucket and return a URL. You’ll then save this URL in your Bubble app database.

Whenever you need to, you can use this URL and it’ll function the way it would if the media was stored in Bubble itself.

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I think you mix two concepts here
and Database Data.

Storage are only for files. You are limited to 10GB with Bubble storage but can buy more storage depending of which plan you are.

Database data are not limited. You can load millions data if you want. When you create an app in Bubble, there’s a thing created automatically: Users. Users is a Database. In this Database, you have data (email, password, date created and you can add more by adding new fields). This is unlimited.

So Files storage Bubble native limit is 10 GB. But you can use other tools like AWS S3 , Box to increase this or buy more storage from Bubble. By the way, Bubble use AWS S3 for Files storage.

Data (from DB) are unlimited.


Thank you so much!!!

Here’s the forum post if you want to use Box file storage as well as Bubble’s own.

Quite a lot of details to take into account so you might want to go slowly through it.

But you can make photos and videos part of the database, if I have a data type user that user has data field uploaded photos, that I have a data type called photos uploaded photos. so now it becomes part of the database so is it unlimited storage or what?

The field will contain a link to the file. If the file use Bubble plugin, it won’t be unlimited. But if you are using Box or your own AWS S3 or any other Storage solution, you will have the storage related to this solution, not to Bubble.
When you create a “file” fields, the files field will contain a link to the file, not the file itself. Same for image. Files itself are always on a storage solutions. The DB only contain the link to the file

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Hi, we offer a plugin for hosting your files with Wasabi, the best file storage solution. Surprised this hasn’t been mentioned here :slight_smile:

Here’s some differences between Box and Wasabi.

Is Only the User’s Db unlimited or the custom one’s that i create are also unlimited in storage ??

Bubble storage is unlimited for basic data. If you upload a file, that’s when it takes up files space, files could be Photos, videos, audio, pdfs, etc. Anything that really takes up space on you computer. The file storage used outside of bubble is just to store large amounts of files so it doesn’t get used up on my bubble app. I will say i have nothing but issues working with the plugin mentioned above. I haven’t really come to solution yet. Right now I’m just using the bubbles database.

The main issues i am having are load times. The Amazon S3 could be faster, I just haven’t tested anything out yet.

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Bubble DB is unlimited (except on free plan). Bubble storage is limited depending on plan. Storage are files. DB are data.

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Got it