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Here is the thing, it has been several days that I am trying to figure out on how to expand one dropdown when the other dropdown’s value is changed or when some other element for example button is clicked. Set Focus action in workflow does not expand dropdown menu, same as Toggle action.

There is two dropdown inputs:

  1. Location Section
  2. Location (Invisible by default)

When “Location Section” dropdown’s value is changed, this dropdown is hidden and “Location” dropdown is visible, but it does not expands. Basically you need to click it again to expand.

  1. Event “Location Section” dropdown value “Tables” selected
    Image 1

  2. Dropdown “Location” appears but does not expand, you need to click to expand
    Image 2

Dropdowns cannot be expanded using workflows. If you need something like that to work you can use a hidden repeating group that becomes visible after the first selection.

You can use the same data source as in your current second dropdown.


@ihsanzainal84 Thanks, well this is a solution, i can create custom dropdown menu with group focus and repeating group and it will work fine, i just wondered if there is any workaround for the built in dropdown. Thanks anyway!

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