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Expanding the height of a repeating group dynamically

This is very cool and important improvement Emmanuel! I will let you know once I test it

I have enabled it on and it looks pretty cool. But I noticed one thing - initially it loads 7 records (while there are 3 records per row) and then on scroll it adds another 3 records at a time. Take a look

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You’re right, i’ll fix that.

A much better interface - thanks. Quick feedback, some already highlighted before:

  1. Number of items loaded isn’t ideal. My test case loaded 4 items initially, and 3 subsequently at each scroll. This breaks the layout I have. There should be a custom setting for the number of items to load at each load step; or two settings if not overkill - one for initial load, and another for each scrolling step.

  2. The controls to do something when the list is ‘loading’ don’t seem to work. I’d like to show an icon/something when scrolling at the end of the list. The scrolling isn’t as smooth in my test case (a bit sticky), but this may be linked to a bigger issue below…

  3. Greatest concern (even with other list options, so not about scrolling per se) is that my queries/filters take very long to load, 10+ seconds. This leads to a really bad user experience when having to wait so long to navigate between or reload pages. The number of items loaded doesn’t seem to be a factor (generally loading 3 to 15 items at a time). And I’ve tested a range of queries, from simple (just doing one list search, no filters) to more complex (a couple of filters and sorting a list in one sequence). I notice @levon’s example app loads very fast, so that gives me some hope. I’d very grateful to learn about any known best practices for optimising load times for queries on Bubble

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